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Our Story

144 Lincoln is a  stunning  back to brick refurbishment of  what was  previously one of the  worst  examples of  traditional  bedsit  accommodation in Lincoln.  Having been repossessed by the previous owner's lender it sat empty and  falling into  disrepair with a leaking roof, excessive damp and other serious issues,  until  we started  what became a complete £200,000 refurbishment in  late 2015.  

The refurbished building was  launched in 2016 and  has remained  one of our most popular developments ever since. Re-imaged in 2020, 4 years after the original refurbishment, it still looks as good today as it did then - a testament to the standard of  work and quality of finish, and to the standard of tenants it attracts.  

Mindful of the changing needs of today's tenants, we have now added business grade Virgin 500mb internet  delivered via a Unifi Mesh Network. with an access point in each studio. 

Safety has always  been our number one priority  of course and the refurbishment met and still meets the most stringent  safety standards.

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